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Three Fiery Trends in Manufacturing

6 septembre 2018

The heat is on this summer as manufacturers strive to deliver strong growth and meet new market needs, with an unrelenting focus on becoming more effi...

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In Banking, Good Equals Happy Customers

22 août 2018

Digital-first competition has given traditional banks incentive to kick-start their focus on innovation. The past 10 years saw banks in a low growth e...

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Let’s Talk About OPEX

8 juin 2018

Who doesn’t want to drive down costs while improving the customer experience and keeping employees happy? That is what operational excellence (OE) is ...

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Take SCADA to the Next Level with IoT

7 juin 2018

The Internet of Things is set to revolutionize the pursuit of operational excellence in the oil and gas industries, and SCADA will play a big part in ...

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Final Countdown for GDPR

21 mai 2018

  “Will things ever be the same again?” As the 1980’s song by Swedish rock band Europe said, it is “the final countdown” for the Global Data Protectio...


Experience Everything IoT has to Offer

11 mai 2018

The Internet of Things World Forum is where the world gathers to put the Internet of Things into action.


World Laughter Day: Spread Happiness

7 mai 2018

Who doesn’t love a good laugh with colleagues or friends? You come to the office on a Monday, share a couple of stories with your colleague about your...

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Don’t get Confused about RPA

3 avril 2018

In my first blog, I talked about how RPA can help drive increases in operational productivity and quality in your business without you having to inves...


End-To-End Modeling of Smart Ecosystems

28 mars 2018

  Dr. Peter Liggesmeyer, Professor Software Engineering: Dependability at Kaiserslautern University of Technology.


Thoughts on the Salesforce Purchase of MuleSoft

27 mars 2018

Salesforce’s purchase of integration company MuleSoft last week took the market by surprise.


AI Drives the Second Wave of Digitalization

26 mars 2018

Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Saarland University.

Integration & APIs

Big Data Strategy Needs a Big Data Gateway

21 mars 2018

Big Data is gaining adoption and roughly 50% of large corporations have some sort of big data initiative underway. Analysts estimate that the other ha...


Happy at Work, Happy with Life

20 mars 2018

Some things in life just make you happy; like seeing England win at rugby. At Software AG our philosophy is that if you are happy at work, you will be...

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Ooredoo & Software AG: Powering up IoT in Qatar

14 mars 2018

The fast-growing economy and population of Qatar is embracing the Internet of Things, and organizations require scalable IT infrastructure to meet the...

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Freedom – and its Price – with Open Source Software

13 mars 2018

I learned something new in our recent Alfabet Portfolio Playbook webinar, “Playing it Safe with Open Source Software.”